Traditional and Non-Traditional Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research:

- Advisory Board Facilitation
- In person In-depth Interviews
- Focus Groups/Mini-Group
- Telephone interviews
- Phone/Web based interviews
- On-line surveys
- Eye Tracking & Biometrics
- Bulletin Board research
- Ethnography – video chats
- Location based: Offices, Hotels, Community Centers, Restaurants (where ever we need to be to get the right participants).

{ Expertise }

"The FOCUSED Marketing Research approach clearly demystified the research and testing process... which allowed us to improve our positioning down to the copy points. My internal clients trust and seek out Vern's input. They even requested him for a follow-up project. I will continue to use FOCUSED Marketing Research in the future because their work reflects very positively on me as a market research manager."

Sr. Marketing Research Manager
Financial Services Company