Global Positioning: New Product Development


To create a global positioning for a new product that could be excuted on a regional basis.


Multiple Phase Project:
Phase 1: Utilized a combination of in-person face-to-face interviews with Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) & Specialists.
Phase 2: Web-enabled telephone survey with target PCPs/Specialists

Phase 1 Objectives:
To identify how the new product would be perceived by target audiences.
To gain a better understanding of what Specialists & PCPs are currently doing to address the concern.
To qualitatively assess if the physicians feel there is a need for a new product and what it would replace.
To gain a better understanding of which segment of physicians would be most appropriate to target with the new product (Specialist, General practitioner)

Phase 2 Objectives:
To quantify the market potential.
To quantify the key selling points and identify key drawbacks to overcome.


Identified key positioning for specific targeted segments.
Identified market potential opportunities within each segment for company to pursue.
Recommended a specific global strategy with a regional tactical plan.

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