About Us

Since 1999 FOCUSED Marketing Research has been an industry leader in market research methods. We've provided services to the Fortune 100 as well as small start-ups and can help you gain insights from your customers.

Our 'sweet spots' include new product development, brand positioning, messaging, creative tests, sales literature development and delving into ways of enhancing your customer's buying experience.

There are plenty of research firms, so it's important to show you how we're different...

1.  Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research. We provide the highest quality market research services to our clients, nationally as well as globally -- and can employ a range of methodologies depending on the needs of the project. These include face-to-face focus groups, telephone interviews, web-enable interviews, on-line surveys, bulletin boards, mobile web and social media research.

2.  Expect experienced, senior-level staff. You can expect to work with a senior partner throughout your research project. We're a smaller, boutique research team comprised of seasoned moderators, averaging 20 years of experience. From recruitment and moderating to writing actionable reports, our staff are highly-experienced industry veterans, and you can expect the same experienced moderator to maintain consistency between projects.

3.  Global Capabilities – Strategic Partnerships with experienced native speaking moderators around the globe. Currently 25% of our research includes an international segment, most frequently covering multiple markets. Over the years we've established relationships with the best of the best to ensure the quality never varies regardless of the location.

Seamless qualitative research integration with quantitative research. We work closely with the quantitative team of your choice to assure the insights learned during qualitative research gets phrased to optimize the quantitative phase.

"At FOCUSED Marketing Research, they recognize that research itself is just research and must be applied and put into action for best results. So they work very hard to gain credibility and trust, which have encouraged us to use them far beyond the basic role of moderators.

In fact, our CEO often asks if FOCUSED Marketing Research is available for strategic planning projects. They are the first firm that comes to mind when it comes to qualitative research and strategic planning."

Director of Marketing
Pet Health Company